The research committee is composed of clinicians with an interest in research areas that encompass most of the subspecialties of otolaryngology, such as pediatrics, head & neck oncology, reconstructive surgery, laryngology, neuro-otology, sleep apnea and rhinology, education or global health outreach.

The main objectives of the research committee are as follows:

  • Conduct international collaborative research

    We hope to encourage international collaboration between young otolaryngologists (YO) with projects such as reviews, meta-analyses or multi-center studies. We encourage the participation of residents/registrars in these projects to offer them the opportunity to establish ties early in their careers with the international Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery community. Members of the YO-IFOS are encouraged  to contact their regional representatives to submit proposal of international collaborative projects.

  • Consulting expertise in research for YO

    We offer a research network beyond the borders of our committee to offer a full array of expertise for young surgeons in need of advice to conduct and publish research projects. Also, we offer statistical expertise for the realization of meta-analyzes.

  • Provide support for publication in Pubmed-indexed journals.


Current projects and realizations:

  • Through the IFOS, we were able to establish ties with the European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Diseases which allowed publication of 2 special YO-IFOS issues of the journal. Publishing an issue dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of this underrepresented demographic of our community is a generous initiative and a demonstration of the significant commitment this journal has made to fostering the careers of young surgeons.

  • Numerous publications in Pubmed-indexed journals of studies conducted by the YO-IFOS (click here to see YO-IFOS publications). All these studies are caracterizized by an international collaboration.

  • Creation of the YO-IFOS Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) Study Group. The group is composed of YO from a wide array of countries with a common interest in research about LPR. Over than 20 otolaryngologists from 12 countries participate to projects initiated by this group. As a first step, the LPR study group has published meta-analysis and reviews in high-impact factor journals (click here to see YO-IFOS publications). Currently the group is coordinating international multicenter prospective studies on LPR diagnosis, management and treatment.

  • Through the IFOS we were able to conduct survey studies focusing on the challenges faced by YO around the world and on the barriers to research among residents in Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery around the world.

  • Development of guidelines for perioperative antibiotherapy in head & neck surgery.


Name Country Region Interests E-mail
Tareck Ayad Canada North America and The Caribbean Head and neck
Jérôme Lechien Belgium Europe Laryngology, Education, Head & Neck
Daniel De Siati Belgium Europe Otology
Ludovic De Gabory France Europe Sinus
Geoffrey Mortuaire France Europe Sinus
Marilena Trozzi Italy Europe Pediatrics
Frederico Dilella Argentina South America Neurotology
Huan JIa China Central and South Asia Otology 
Raghu Nandhan S. Kumar India West and South Asia Neurotology, Auditory Implantation & Lateral Skullbase Surgery
Antoine Melkane Lebanon Middle East Head and neck
Ahmed Yassin Baghat Egypt Northern Africa Sleep apnea
Jessica Mcguire South Africa Southern Africa Pediatric ENT-aiway, cholesteatoma, Developing world health-related issues
Karen De Carvalho Lopes Brazil South and Central America Neurootology
Carlos Chiesa Spain Europe Head and neck 
Maria Rosaria Barillari Italy Europe Audiology and Phoniatrics